Speakers’ Corner at Second Space

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JUNE 30, 2017 7PM

Join us at Second Space for an evening of serious political conversation and mixed media presentation.  If you are willing, this evening will take you beyond plus and minus one of the Bell Curve, well beyond! You have seen the “Fight Club”, well this is the Light Club where transcendence is possible and at times, surreal...  

Imaginary friends can be dangerous or bring love and understanding.  

Where and when does madness begin?  

Is this the end of the world and do you feel fine?…LEARN MORE about this event, about John Amidon, and Umea.  



with Cindy Dodge of Chatham Physical Therapy

7 Monday sessions at 7PM: 5/8/17-6/26/17 (no meeting 5/29/17)


LEARN MORE and see current sessions


“A People’s History of the United States”

by Howard Zinn. Saturdays 1PM - 3:30PM

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FINAL Saturday readings: 

                                4/22/17 (Chapter 19)

                                4/29/17 (Chapter 20)

                                5/06/17 (Chapter 21)

                                5/13/17 (Chapter 22)

                                5/20/17 (Chapter 23)

                                5/27/17 (Chapter 24)

Join us for a chapter, or two... or all twenty-five. Come to read and/or listen. Please bring your own book if you would like to read of read along. Thanks! (If you don’t have a copy the Chatham Bookstore, our 40 year-old independent bookstore, can order a copy in a jiffy! E-mail or call). 

JULY 9, 2016

Second Space: 29 Main St. Suite 2A (above the Chatham Bookstore)

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We turn Second Space over to the Chatham Summerfest from 10am - 5pm. There are a number of happenings around town, and three specifically in Second Space:

1) SONG: (11am) Grace MacIntosh will offer a bluesy set with piano, ukelele, and guitar accompaniments. Grace is a former Good Globe Singing School student who is breaking away into her own solo work. She will delight with a rich sound and artistic renderings to soothe the soul. 

2) NEPAL (2 pm) Natasha Wozniak will visit to talk about Nepal with earthquake relief efforts. Her talk is called “Development That Works: Sustainable Reconstruction In Nepal.” Learn more about her project at Fund For Lamjung 

3)PIANO(S) (4 pm) Lincoln Mayorga will offer a set on the Second Space grand piano. At 4:30PM Sheri will join him in a two piano version of Cole Porter’s ballet overture to “Within the Quota.” 

June 29, 2016

Speakers’ Corner at Second Space welcomes John O’ Malley, Legislative and Political Action Coordinator for CWA Local 1120 on Wednesday, June 29, 2016 at 7PM. What is the big picture behind the recent Verizon strike? What are the broadband issues the CWA is working on with Verizon? Where should we direct our attention as citizens concerning the issues surrounding this strike? 

30 seats available for listeners on first come-first served basis. 

Questions?: Call Sheri at 518-419-5091 

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